Mesfin Video

This is my country  Ethiopia in 2 minutes 

Mesfin Video

Mesfin Video

This wedding video was captured 9 years ago in Winnipeg, Canada.

Mesfin Video

This wedding video was captured 6 years ago in Atlanta


"Andupa" video clip 3 years ago


We capture live events. "Teddy Afro"

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Mesfin Video & Photo Production

With our video and photography, we consider ourselves story tellers; and that’s the same approach we have for wedding videography. We move away from the idea that videography is just a chronological compilation of wedding day events and toward the idea that videography is the art of telling a love story. From the song choice to the artistic selection of the scene order, everything comes together with modern wedding videography to tell stories of love, families, and celebrations. Experience more of our wedding videography,

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let's make your memories live again.

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We use the best and up to date cameras, cranes, drones different kind of lights and sliding machines as well. 

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Mesfin video & Pictures

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Mesfin video & pictures

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